Flemington Car & Truck Country / NJ State PBA Partnership

Above is an image of the Ford F-250 that Flemington Car & Truck Country donated to the New Jersey State PBA. 
The PBA utilizes this vehicle to tow their newly acquired trailer (image attached) that they use to attend events to support their fellow Officers both locally and nationally. The truck and trailer most recently visited Dallas and Baton Rouge.
The truck and trailer were also recently featured on the cover of the most recent issue of NJ Cops Monthly.

Through our Partnership, all vehicles sold to Members of the New Jersey State PBA generate a $200.00 donation made to the "Survivor and Welfare Fund" in the Members behalf by Flemington Car & Truck Country.
We are very proud of this Partnership and we would also like to thank Jerry Sheehan for doing a fantastic job managing this very important relationship.
Best regards,
Daryl Rubinstein
Director Business Development
Flemington Car & Truck Country